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Free Classes

For children ages 4-14 and parents. Power House is available during the Spring and Fall Semesters.


What is Powerhouse?


POWER HOUSE is an exciting, dynamic “FREE” Saturday morning kids program where kids, ages 4-14, can grow in character, participate in lots of different fun activities, and get to know many other kids in the neighborhood!  We aim to be a kid empowering center where we come alongside of parents in enabling their children to reach their full potential, physically, mentally and spiritually.


What time is Powerhouse?


We start at 10:00 AM SHARP and end at 1:00 PM.


Is FREE lunch provided?


Yes, we will provide either a free lunch or snack


Will my child get the class that we choose on the application?


Unfortunately classes are not guaranteed.  Children are assigned classes randomly, but when possible we do try to accommodate your first choice.


Can my child change their class?


Class changes are allowed once during a semester based on availability.



What will my child get out of coming to Power House?


We encourage physical, academic, creative, and spiritual growth. Children face many challenges while growing up, including peer pressure.  At Power House we provide mentors that give your child the encouragement and positive leadership that they need.  We incorporate Bible based motivational lessons.



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