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Art Classes

Kids in Art Class

(1st to 8th Grade)

This class is geared for children who want to advanced their artistic talent in crafts, drawing or painting.

Pink Yarn

(5th to 8th Grade)

Children learn the basics of knitting and are able to complete class projects during the semester.

Art Class

Arts and Crafts
(Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Children will spend time painting, gluing, drawing, creating and making lots of fun projects.  This class exposes them to many elements of art, while they get to express individual creativity.

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(1st to 8th Grade)

This class is designed for students who have an interest in working with clay.  This gives students experiences in making functional as well as sculptural pieces, using a variety of techniques.  Well thought out forms and designs along with good craftsmanship are emphasized.

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