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Performing Arts


(1st to 8th Grade)

Keep the beat alive with our contemporary dance class. This class will allow them to explore the art of dance by getting familiar with dance basics, learning rhythm and creative expression.  Students will utilize all they have learned towards a final performance at the end of the semester.

Drama Class

(1st to 8th Grade)

Children will be engaged in the production that will be presented at the end of the semester.  This class will build confidence while unleashing the acting potential in your child.


Korean Drum
(1st to 8th Grade)

Children will play an important part in traditional Korean music performance. Students will learn the basic arm and foot movement and gain understanding of the rhythms of Korean traditional drum and dance.


K-Pop (Korean Dance)
(5th to 8th Grade)

Children will be engaged in a new beginners class with routines from iconic Korean Dance Groups.

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