3rd Grade to 5th Grade


This class is geared for students that are interested in a variety of art projects.


This is a beginners knitting class for students that want to learn the basics.  


This class is designed for students who have an interest in working with clay, and gives students experiences in making functional as well as sculptural pieces, using a variety of techniques.  Well thought out forms and designs along with good craftsmanship are emphasized.


This fun basketball class teaches students to learn proper dribbling skills, passing and shooting techniques.  They will learn awareness of the court, the art of free throw shooting and lay-ups.  While growing in basketball skills, your child will also grow in interpersonal skills developing strategic thinking and a “never-give-up” winning attitude!


To make table tennis more popular with youth, this course not only teaches students to understand the rules about table tennis but also the footwork, forehand, and backhand movement


Passing, shooting, dribbling, GOAL! Defense and offensive tactics and strategies are built upon, through competition, physical fitness and teamwork.  Individual and team skills are of equal importance at this level.

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Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art of self-defense. The students learn mind and body control, discipline, kicking, punching techniques, and forms.


Keep the beat alive with our Contemporary Dance Class! This class will allow them to explore the art of dance by getting familiar with dance basics, learning rhythm and creative expression.  Students will utilize all they have learned towards a final project during the semester.  Through this class, students will learn discipline, the importance of timing, and grow in confidence and expressing themselves


Students prepare for an end of semester performance. 


Students learn basic chords and practice a song which they perform at the end of the semester.  Parents are responsible of providing the guitar for their child.


Students will practice with a portable keyboard and prepare for a performance at the end of the semester.  (Parents must provide the keyboard)


Children learn beginners and intermediate violin and prepare for a concert at the end of the semester. Parents are responisble of renting or purchasing a violin for their child.

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