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Sports Classes


(1st to 8th Grade)

This fun classes teaches students to learn proper dribbling skills, passing and shooting techniques.  They will learn awareness of the court, the art of throwing, shooting, and lay-ups. Your child will also grow in interpersonal skills developing strategic thinking and a "never give up" winning attitude.


Ping Pong
(5th to 8th Grade)

This class not only teaches students to understand the rules about table tennis but also the footwork, forehand, and backhand movements.


(1st to 8th Grade)

Passing, shooting, dribbling, GOAL!! Defensive tactics and strategies are built upon through competition, physical fitness and teamwork.  Individual and team skills are of equal importance in this class.

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(1st to 5th Grade)

Taekwondo is a Korean art of self defense.  The students learn mind and body control, discipline, kicking, punching techniques, and forms. 

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